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  • Fantasy Strike Review Fantasy Strike Review - I believe fighting games are one of the most interesting genres in the entire gaming sphere. They consist mostly of intense 1v1 battles with both players constantly clashing minds as… More
  • neon zeon 25 review zeon 25 review - Zeon 25 Review Zeon 25 is as described by the dev, “an Amazing 2d Shoot'Em Up Experience with 90s vibes and hardcore gameplay”...which well... is a perfect example of letting… More
  • knights hunt review knights hunt review - knights hunt is such a trash fire that on many levels it doesn't even qualify as a game. its just another cash grab waste of money with poorly designed mechanics,… More
  • reginald does his thang reginald does his thang review -   Reginald Does His Thang Review Ever since the internet was brought into existence, year after year technical fields become much less technical and easier to use by people without… More
  • Until None Remain battle royale pc review Until None Remain battle royale pc review - Until None Remain until none remain is a perfect example of a shameless cynical cash grab. rule one of making a multiplayer game is...well multiple players. given this is a… More
  • sine mora ex review sine mora ex review - Sine Mora Ex available on multiple platforms(pc,ps4,xbox one,switch)(reviewed on pc) In the shu-mup(shoot them up) genre there is also a distinct sub genre 'bullet hell', which also has multiple variations,… More
  • let them come review Let Them Come Review - Let Them Come Let them come is basically a hero tower defense game, where you play as an immoble turret as you cut down swathes of enemies. As a concept… More
  • Sigi A Fart For Melusina game review Sigi A Fart For Melusina game review - Sigi A fart for Melusina Review Of all the 2d mario platformer clones that exist, sigi a fart for melusina has enough charm to stand on its own merits. Our… More
  • dean daimon Dean Daimon review -   Dean Daimon there are so many issues with quantitatively rating art given the subjective nature of it. but the further you drill down to look at specific areas, ie… More
  • city of brass city of brass review - City of Brass (Early Access) city of brass is one of the first early access games i've played that is using early access properly in the first place. Far too… More

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