Bloody Glimpse

bloody glimpse is a game... i the sense that as a piece of art it is neither a book nor a movie. As a garbage asset flip that barely functions in the first place with gameplay and story elements reminiscent of *autistic screeching* it is the sole reason we should live in an artless totalitarian future state.

Jokes aside, trying to pick which horrible element to focus on first is almost overwhelming. Humans vs gargoyles, you know cause that is a quality storyline for ya. But no it gets better its not wizards or knights or something relative to the era that gargoyle lore originates, no no...

you are in fact nameless unity asset soldier #345 wielding modern firearms against the randomly spawning gargoyles, ya know...cause reasons. It becomes quite apparent very quickly, that little to no effort was made on the part of the 'dev' to differentiate the assets and scripts from their store bought baseline, and any thought put towards logical sub systems or level design is on a level not understandable by the human mind.

Bloody glimpse exemplifes the worst part of steam that continues to allow this garbage onto its store front. I mean nothing is stopping students,first time devs, enthusiasts from making there own websites or using a service like for a game asset flip or otherwise, but we as humans work on culture and action->reaction.

If steam did not allow asset flips on the platform in the first place there would be a distinct lack of culture of people trying to maniupulate the platform with asset flips In the first place. Or more importantly they wouldn't clog up the new release feed, and by proxy pushing real indie games that have real effort put into them out of the line of sight of users, thus lowering steam overall profits(speculation on my part, but go google marketing data about percieved value to see how low value asset flips could impact steams revenue)


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