Caveman Warriors

Caveman warriors exemplifies the core aspects of action platformers; simplicity, cuteness, and fun. With some seriously cute art work and a simple aliens stole my children plot, the player/s(1-4 player co-op) are almost immediately thrust into the platforming action.

The core mechanic of cavemen warriors are each cavemans with unique special moves that are often required in unison to progress though the levels(and you can switch them freely if playing solo or without a full group of friends).one female caveman for example can throw spears that embed in walls and allow the player/s to reach higher areas and further progress through the level.

Playing solo is probably the easiest way to progress as it gives you complete control over switching to the right caveman for the right platforming puzzle, but there is something to be said about the potential chaos of needing to rely on one of your friends to do the right move at the right time lest you take extra damage or fall to your death.

Death in this game is somewhat in the middle of the pack as far as punishing the player goes. Whilst you have lives you will respawn nearby almost instantly and from an elevated platform giving you a easy jump if you happen to have fallen to your death. Whilst running out of lives with envariably reset your current checkpoint and force you to start the level over again.

Given how the levels are separated, restarts are relatively pain free and do not feel overly punishing to the player.

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