City of Brass (Early Access)

city of brass is one of the first early access games i've played that is using early access properly in the first place.

Far too often I see devs 'launch' a game into early access that really shouldn't be, AAA games that just need some beta testing but are going to end up relatively unchanged take away from games that genuinely need that extra player input and user data. Or its an indie game with a lack of direction that within a few months ends up being abandoned by the dev due to there underestimation of how much work their desired scope entailed, and we are left with another half complete game next to all the other abandoned game projects that people were expected to pay close to 'full' price for.

City of brass is the perfect example of what early access is actually for. Games that have a great concept and a passable game state but need player input to improve on their iterations.

At its core City of brass is a first person roguelike/roguelite where you run through an arabian/middle eastern mythology inspired city looting gold, fighting undead monsters, avoiding traps and wishing on genies as you delve deeper into the city. Armed with a sword and a trusty whip, the number of actions you can do is somewhat limited.

The basic combat/running loop has only a few options ranging from attacking, pushing enemies back or using your whip. Combined with the ability to climb over obstacles, slide and use your whip to target specific areas on enemies to stun them or knock them down or even pick up objects at range or trigger traps. You can also spent you hard looted gold on random items and/wishes at the various genies throughout the city.

While the systems in place are relatively simple given the random nature of each level layout, enemy density/types, traps and e.t.c this allows for quite a lot of depth. Each source of damage does 1 and you have a max of 4, and with numerous enemy types and traps along with a time limit, you have to balance careful considered play with chaotic running through trap filled corridors to find the door to the next level before the timer runs out and you are pretty much insta killed.

So far city of brass is a very promising fps rogulike/roguelite looter that is quite challenging and fun and continues to receive updates and changes from a very active dev. Given the fact that you can whip loop points in the levels to vault over obstacles Indiana Jones style it deserves a 10/10ign!


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