Dean Daimon

there are so many issues with quantitatively rating art given the subjective nature of it. but the further you drill down to look at specific areas, ie mechanics,physics e.t.c you can to some degree objectively rate things(for example if it takes place on the moon but doesn't use similar gravity for a general bounciness for the player, then one could arbitrarily say that is bad)

dean daimon itself is a terrible game, but from what I can tell it was made by one person and they didn't just copy something else or flip some assets. this is more akin to a students game made for a thesis for a degree, and what makes it truly bad is that this is available on steam...

As for the game itself, its simplistic in nature, has severe balance issues and is not even remotely optimized, along with the numbers being far to much in favor of low damage weapons and excessive bullet sponge enemies, with one level being borderline impossible.

If you make a game like this, throw it on or your own website and slap it into your portfolio, do us all a favor and don't submit it to steam, you just bog down the new releases with sub par content

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