Sigi A fart for Melusina Review

Of all the 2d mario platformer clones that exist, sigi a fart for melusina has enough charm to stand on its own merits.

Our intrepid hero sigi starts his adventure when he approaches a cute mermaid, but before he can charm her, sigi unfortunately lets a big fart rip and the mermaid runs off. Then of course you have to run and jump your way through a zombie army to find her in her castle!

Gameplay wise sigi plays very smooth, you run, you jump, you throw swords, and you can kill enemies by jumping on their heads. Scattered throughout the various levels are different throwing weapons which unfortunately you cannot switch between. Normally this wouldn't be much of an issue except in some instances you cannot avoid picking up a trash weapon.

Outside of the arbitrary number of lives you start each run with you can also collect letter pick ups and each set that spells sigi provides you with an additional live, a much helpful mechanic when facing a new boss for the first time, of which there are many varied and unique bosses(i once fought a angry pack of french fries).

The main downside is that there is currently no level select, unfortunately if you lose all your lives you have to run throughout the gauntlet of the entire game again, which is an old mechanic that imo needs to stay in the 90s. Add a marathon mode as an ode to the platforming roots for sure, but let everyone else not have to waste 30+mins on getting back to a the mid/end point of the game!

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