Sine Mora Ex

available on multiple platforms(pc,ps4,xbox one,switch)(reviewed on pc)

In the shu-mup(shoot them up) genre there is also a distinct sub genre 'bullet hell', which also has multiple variations, varying from the more slower moving bullets spawn that you have to weave a path through, to avoid the slow moving onslaught vs the reflex based variation that requires fast movement and reflexes to react to enemy patterns and spreads.

Bullet hell games are deserved of there name as some of the hardest and most unforgiving games on the planet. Luckily for most sine mora is mostly a normal shoot-em-up, with only a few specific bullet hell elements. This is good because it has a fully voice acted story mode and being able to finish a game story is quite important to many players.

Sine mora ex's connection to bullet hell shooters and its story are very connected, without going into spoiler territory to hard, basically you go back in time as part of a war effort and the games time altering gameplay mechanics are built from the ground up given how connected the design is.

Gameplay wise you have your standard arcade challege modes for the more serious shumup fans, you have limited ship and weapons options at the start but a full play through of the story mode will see you unlocking a great deal more. You pick you ship(of which you have detailed hit box data) and a sub weapon along with a time mechanic. The time mechanics range from slowing down time to rewinding time and have there various uses.

The levels have enough variety to make wanting to master the harder difficulties in the arcade mode and the bosses are some the the coolest I have seen in a while, the story mode also comes fully voiced and the price point is mid tier, and given its availability on multiple platforms, is definitely a pick up for any shmup fans.

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